Último día…

I can’t believe we are on the last day (that’s what “último día” means) of work for this trip. For me, in one hand it seems like the time flew by; but in the other hand it seems like I have been here for a long time. This morning I struggled telling Sheila the names of the departments I work with at my job. Not even a week after I left my office and I forgot already what I do!

I think part of the reason is that I feel like I’m in my element here doing missions. For the past 20 years, everytime I hear about missions or think about missions there is a burning inside of me. Probably is the same for many of us that are here. I’m sure it has to be, because otherwise why would someone take their personal vacation time and personal resources to travel many kilometers away from home just to help others?

There are so many things in my mind right now, and tonight we’ll have a time to share stories. I am so excited to hear what everyone has to say about what God is doing with them, and how they are being touched and transformed with the experience.

We’re back on the bus and as usual I take time to write. We just finished our last distribution event at a small rural school. Schools here have beautiful gardens and are surrounded by amazing landscapes (see the pics below). And once again we get to meet wonderful women that are so passionate about their work at the schools. For sure, these kids lack resources but they do have people that really care for their education. Jesus noticed today one of the schools had nice IT infrastructure, it had been donated by a foundation. And Don noticed the whiteboards had complex math equations. God’s provision for His little ones come from anywhere in any form.

Now we are back at the hotel and we just packed all the ministry supplies left. We’re waiting for dinner time while we unwind a little. I’m talking to Tarah and she just told me how neat was that “the local church was always with us, building relationship… building the Kingdom together.” Our job here is done for now, but the local churches have an immense amount of work to do with discipleship so keep them in your prayers.

Also pray for us as we travel tomorrow back to Liberia for our last full day in Costa Rica, for now.

View from one of the schools
Green area in this same school
At today’s lunch place
The kids about to open the boxes
The Balloon Academy. My boss gave me time off for resting this morning, and she found so many extra helpers! I gotta say, one of my favorite parts of the trip was working with Fay.
I don’t know how they could play soccer in this heat but the kids loved it
I thought it was so cute that Chris and Janice were napping like this

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