Shoeboxes day!

I wanted the post titles to be in Spanish but Shoeboxes in Spanish sounds less cool: Caja de Zapatos. See? So, this one is in English.

Adelita shared with us how Moviendo Esperanzas (ME) started and how God first gave her the vision of doing ministry, but she didn’t know exactly what she was supposed to do. The only word He gave her was “Big”. And indeed her ministry is big!

ME was officially registered in 2004 and she invested all the money she had. Some people called her crazy, and she said she was! But her vision went beyond the amount of money she had available, and she asked God to provide for bigger things. It hasn’t been easy but He has always been faithful to His promise to her… There have been so many miracles along the way, like DHL providing free transportation for the containers with the shoeboxes.

Carrying and planting HOPE where only dreams exist” is their slogan. They reach people regardless of their religious beliefs and you have no idea how many lives are changed with the work they do. Check out their website (they have it in English too) to learn more about it. The donations section doesn’t work at the moment but maybe check again at another time if this is something you are interested in.

As the title suggests, we did our first shoebox distribution today and it was such a great experience! I can understand now why people that have done it in the past rave so much about it. It’s so incredible to see the end of the shoeboxes cycle and seeing the face of the kids lit up as they open the box. It’s not all about the material things they get, but about the love of Christ shown to them through it.

You may have noticed that I’m not sharing with you any particular story about the people we meet. I am intentionally keeping that out of the blog because I want to leave that privilege to the team members, to go back home and share these stories with their families. They have worked really hard and have earned this privilege.

Wifi was really bad today and I want to thank Chris for sharing his hotspot with me! (I’m now corrupting other team members to do stuff while we’re at the meetings… But it’s for ministry purposes 😉 )

If you’re reading this and have any question or anything that you’re wondering about, let me know in the comments section below… (wow I’m such an influencer now eh? Don’t forget to like and subscribe :p ).

Adelita’s presentation
Mike improving his nails polishing skills for the ministry with the local English teacher. I think he may be planning on joining Mary E.
Shoeboxes being revealed to the kids
The team working hard organizing the shoeboxes
Special pic for Judy and Mr. Bud
Fay (aka my boss) and my hair doing balloon animals
Don was on probation on our balloon animals team… he didn’t quite make it. We have high standards. Sorry Don, but you can keep trying for next trips.
Nails polishing team does a great job and they have groupies that follow them from event to event
Sheila’s hair was popular today with the kids
Guys doing guys stuffs that I never understand
Craig’s balloon swords are in high demand
We also have games for the kids and they love it
Janice and Ricardo at work
Tara’s face painting skills were in high demand today. I’m not saying multitudes flocked to her but almost…
Karisha’s Dog’s Ministry, because doggies need to be shown the love of Christ too. (Karisha also does bubbles ministry for the kids and she’s highly sought after).

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