¡Pura Vida!

We have arrived! And I don’t mean to rub it in you know, but it’s warm and toasty here in Costa Rica with 29C degree weather. It’s dry season and even though Adelita said that in Liberia the landscape wasn’t as green, there was still lots of green! One the best things about mango trees is that they are always green, and there’s lots of mango trees here.

We arrived safely, so thank you for your prayers. We had some technical issues with WestJet’s check-in system last night at Calgary, but it was fixed fairly quick.

The not-so-good news were that three of our humanitarian bags didn’t make it with us. However it seems like they are already in Costa Rica! (Praise The Lord! And please pray that they get delivered to us without any inconveniences).

Now let’s go back to good Costa Rica stories: our hosts are incredibly kind and we feel so blessed and spoiled to be with them. Adelita, Silvia and Fernando received us at the airport with snacks and drinks but most importantly, lots of heart-warming hugs.

After the airport, we picked up two couples from our party that were already here, and then we drove to Cañas to have a delicious Costa Rican breakfast.

From Cañas we started an amazingly scenic drive through the mountains (actually in between two volcanos; Tenorio and Miravalles, if I remember correctly) were we could see Río Celeste and other beautiful streams of water with lots of thick luscious green vegetation. It’s so beautiful and makes you reflect on the power of God and His creation. How wonderful He is!!! He made this beautiful planet for us, so rich, so diverse and so fruitful.

After around three hours we arrived at our hotel and then had lunch, a little bit of rest (like really little, just enough to refresh ourselves) and we had an impromptu second packing party! We packed over 20 more shoeboxes and organized the supplies for the ministries we’ll be doing this next week.

We’re not over with the day yet, we’ll have another quick meeting and dinner and then bed. I took advantage of this moment of quietness -and a free hammock- to sit and write for the blog.

Kyle’s dad kindly drove the three of us to the airport last night, and the last thing he said to me was that he would be looking forward to the posts every day! Geez, talk about pressure. I’ll do my best to keep my promise, Mr. Bud. Kidding, I’m actually thankful to know at least there’s one person reading me 😉

If you’re also reading and want to leave us a message, you can do so by clicking on the post’s title and then scroll down to the comments section below.

Por favor continúen orando por nosotros (Please continue praying for us).

P.S.: Jesus didn’t proofread this for me today, so please forgive my ESL.

P.S.2: I don’t know if I’ll be able to post that many pictures (or any at all), as the WiFi speed is slow here. I may just update the post later to add photos of today.

Updated: I have updated the post with some pictures taken by Jesus (Pastor Jesus is what I mean ;)).

Silvia briefing us for shoeboxes distribution
Costa Rican Breakfast
Arriving at our hotel
Adelita teaching us about Costa Rica
Southview staff working hard
Enjoy the greenery with us through this pic
Our hotel

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  1. Great posts Mary, boy am I wishing I was with you all. It looks so beautiful & lush. Looking forward to future blogs. Can’t wait to hear all the experiences. Say hi to everyone from me &
    Tell Mary E & Fay to stop slacking in the hammock lol

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