Hace calor…

We’re on the bus just after one of the biggest OCC shoeboxes and Tom shoes distribution we have had so far in this trip. It just stopped raining and everything is wet, hot, extremely green and the sun is shining again.

I just whispered to Jesus that I’m tired. I wanted to take advantage of the longer ride on the bus to start today’s blog, but I couldn’t think of anything. Then I looked out the window trying to soak in as much landscape as I can, and that gave you that first paragraph. I guess I always have things to say after all.

The days are starting to get fuzzy and I had to think really hard what day was today and what we have done so far: Friday when we arrived we just did travelling. Saturday was our first work day when we went to the discipleship class and graduation ceremony. Sunday we went to a local church service and after did the wheelchairs. Monday (yesterday, which seems to me like many days ago) was our first day of shoeboxes distribution, we did one in the morning and Tom’s shoes distribution in the afternoon. And today, again shoes and shoeboxes in the morning and the afternoon.

Each distribution is so different from each other. Some are hectic, specially if we have kids from both shifts (morning and afternoon) and some go easier when they are in very small schools. The kids in general are so polite and we’re also meeting lots of the moms. The teachers are amazing and so invested. It’s such a great experience to be surrounded by all this energy and passion, all driven by the common goal of showing love.

Today is the first day that we get a break before dinner (I told you, they run a tight ship here ;)) and we got to go to the river after our afternoon distribution. We spent more time with the leaders and the pastor from the local church. They are a group of incredibly hardworking and loving people. It was beautiful, and we could relax and also had the opportunity for another group picture. I mean, honestly, look at all these beauties:

Costa Rica 2020 team with the local pastor

We have just three more sleeps before going home and I’m sure all of us will leave a piece of our hearts here in Costa Rica. But we will also bring a piece of Costa Rica with us, with the memories shared with all these wonderful people.

The bus is like our Operations Centre
Where we had lunch today, La Roca
The river as captured by Jesus
Just a bunch of tourists (trying to photograph a Tucán)
My Ladybug faces are getting better.. what do you think?
Tara took this nice picture of us and I thought of sharing it (because that’s the benefit of managing the blog ;))
Silvia, Mary E. and Sheri enjoying nature and I’m sure a good conversation too
Mike volunteered to go and check the water first
Anabel is a missionary from Mexico and lives in Costa Rica. She works with ME too and has been a great addition to the team
Sheila and Janice also enjoyed a time for conversation
Their smiles say it all
Tom shoes distribution
I loved this pic

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  1. Just thinking of shoebox distribution is amazing….. but Toms shoes and wheelchairs!!!! I’m so moved by the body of Christ! Thank you SAC & ME teams for being the hands and feet of Jesus!!! ❤️ Today’s post was my favourite. Well done Mary!

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