Día de trabajo #2

Today was our second day of actual work, and boy was this hard work! Our leaders really run a tight ship and we don’t have time for playing, we’re serious about our ministries and what we are here to do -and there’s lots to do!

I’m sure I can speak for all when I say we’re tired, but we are equally happy and filled with joy and amazement. We’re busy but this is the good kind of busy, the kind that you want to keep doing.

It rained a lot this morning again, but the rain stops quickly and the sun shines hard again. Then it gets even hotter than it was before because of all the humidity.

Today could be described simply in two parts: we went to church then we did wheelchairs distribution with Moviendo Esperanzas. But there’s nothing simple about either! For some this was the first time experiencing a Latino service and that could be a lot to take in. Not only our services are longer but the way of teaching is different. But regardless we were reminded about the importance of God’s calling to go and make disciples. To tend to the children, the poor, the people in need.

This is the same church that runs the discipleship program that we were part of yesterday, and the same church were we did the wheelchairs distribution today.

Here everyone worked really hard, we were assigned different tasks at different stations: the first thing is unloading the wheelchairs from the truck and putting them together, then comes fitting them for the recipients.

Then me, Mary E. and Sheri would check that the ergonomics were right, we would teach them and their caretakers how to use the chairs and how to care for them. We would also teach them how to check for skin ulcers and how to prevent them. We would go through a very thorough checklist to make sure it was all according to WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

From there they would go to the other stations were they would share their story so it could be recorded. Then they would go to get their picture taken and they’d also receive extra donations like clothes, toys, Tom shoes, and other things. Finally they would go to the prayer team who would pray for them if they wanted.

It was great seeing so many people working together while helping others. But most importantly to see how we were also blessed by them and their stories.

We are right now sitting and sharing these stories and it’s so touching… It really makes all this work so worth it. Someone told me before coming on the trip that doing missions is an honor. And what truly an honor is to be here serving the King of Kings!

This is a restaurant next to the hotel where we’re having most of our meals
Today’s lunch was yummy
Our team unloading the wheelchairs (well they are not really doing anything in the pic, but I promise you they did work at some point)
During the worship at church
Ricardo and Jesus with my new Costa Rican grandma
The team with the pastor and other leaders from the local church
This gentleman, Quincho, is such an inspiration
Doug working hard (like for real)
Tara did my job today because I was busy at another station. But my boss, Fay, said that my job is not in danger, I’ll go back to it tomorrow!
This dad and his son live alone, and his son takes care of him. Their smiles say it all.
Sheila looking gorgeous while she shared a beautiful and funny story about God providing her a “hair clip” in the jungle

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