Comprando café…

Edited: Posted on the 21st but it was meant to be the post for the 20th. I didn’t have internet yesterday 🙁

Today we started our journey back to Liberia and it’s been a more relaxed day. We had breakfast and I was served soft tortillas instead of bread, it means they considered me a local now and I cannot be more pleased with that! The staff at this restaurant were so nice and the owner was always so worried making sure everything was to our liking.

On our way out of Guatuso we stopped at the school for a final goodbye to Elenita. This lovely girl from the church that was everywhere we went, always working hard for the Lord.

Now, on our way to Liberia, we’ve stopped on the side of the road for pictures and to drink coconut water straight from the coconut! And it was the best I had on this whole trip. Thank you, Don Don.

We continue the journey to Cañas where we had lunch: chifrijo. Pastor Jesus requested chicharrón and Adelita always spoiling us, made it happen. We also had an amazing guacamole here and Fay baptized me with tamarind juice, as we all were flying to the other table to get extra chicharrones. No worries Fay 😉

After lunch we rushed to the local store to stock up on coffee to bring back home, real coffee as Adelita would say. Later we stopped for souvenirs and ice cream. The highlight was that Don Don bought ice cream for the team! He has a generous heart and always made sure we were well taken care of.

We ended the day by going to the beach to see the sunset and we were pleasantly surprised with dinner at the restaurant there too. It was a lovely last night in Costa Rica, eating while seeing the sunset by the beach reflecting on this amazing journey.

This trip for me has been life-changing, I know it sounds exaggerated but when God speaks to you, that changes your life. I am sure no one on this team will be the same after this week.

We were lucky to have been part of a dream team! We worked so well together and everything went smoothly. We are now family and some of us are already making plans to get together (and eat, because what else would we do? Kyle I won’t forget about that deep fried turkey offer).

We’ll be home soon and we’re excited to see our families and pets. And Juan I hope you got to that list before Karisha gets home 😉

It’s important to stay hidrated in Costa Rica
Some more greenery for our eyes. I’m sure I’ll be missing this soon.
Elenita saying goodbye to us.
This is where we stopped for pictures and coconut
The staff from the restaurant at our hotel.
*read with zombie voice* Coffeeeee
Just the usual: Guys doing guys stuff
This is how we eat the fruit of the coconut

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