Ahora sí, ¡a trabajar!

Time for real work now! Wohohoho.

I’ll start with the end: It was truly an incredible rewarding and fruitful day my friends. There, now you can close the page if you want, or keep reading for some details about what we did today (but I suggest you keep reading, because instead of napping on the bus ride I’m writing for you… and also because it was a really nice day 😉 ).

We started with amazing news, we got the missing bags! And quickly enough our boss Mike put us to work in organizing these as well.

After breakfast we went to a house in the same community that we are at, to participate in the discipleship program for the kids. We sang “alabanzas” with actions (Ricardo’s favorite part, scroll down and you’ll see), we helped the kids with the questions about the lesson and with the crafts for the smaller children. We also had a time for face painting, bubbles, balloons and soccer. Some moms were there too so it made it even more special.

Parenthesis to share this that’s really important: I GOT COCONUT WATER DIRECTLY FROM A YOUNG COCONUT. Wow, this was a dream come true, more than seven years waiting for having this again… I could actually write an entire post about it, but I’ll just end it with: you’re an angel Adelita. GOD BLESS YOU.

After this activity we went quickly to the hotel to get changed into more fancy clothes because we were headed to a graduation ceremony. Kids after finishing their discipleship program which is called “The Greatest Journey”, have an official graduation where they receive a completion certificate and a New Testament. Over 40 children graduated, and they can only graduate if they did the program from start to finish.

This is a new church that just started on the front yard of a house and now they bought their own land and are waiting to build the structure. For now, they rent a huge tent and they currently have over 50 people coming to the services. They have bible classes during the week too, for kids and adults as well.

We participated in the ceremony and then again we had a time for our ministries: face painting, nails painting (Which I heard it can be extremely tiresome), balloons, tattoos, etc. I don’t know exactly for how long we were there but it was so much fun! It’s great to make the kids happy and share with them, but it’s also great that we get to work together while doing so.

After the graduation we went back to the hotel which was about 40min drive, we had a lovely dinner while chatting and getting to know each other (for example I learned that Janice’s work as a lawyer is as cool as Suits!).

As usual, we ended the night with our debriefing meeting and right when Adelita was going to tell us our schedule for tomorrow, it started to pour down so hard that we couldn’t hear anything. So now we don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

P.S.: Don, I prayed harder today and got Jesus to help me proofread the post. Yay!

P.S.2: Most of these pictures were taken by Pastor Jesus. And I’m realizing I think I didn’t give credit to Doug who took all the ones from the very first post I did. Sorry, Doug.

Last P.S.: I figured that it’s way easier to upload pictures while we’re doing our meetings because no one else is using the wifi. So, now I’m *that* person that’s using her phone while the pastor is talking. But I’m paying attention 😉

Sheila is really enjoying this as you can tell
Handing out the certificates
I hooked up Karisha with my coconut provider
Sheri looking lovely and happy as she does face painting
Kids playing I-don’t-know-what game with Jesus (who took the picture)
Discipleship class
Who knew that drawing faces on balloons was my true calling
Singing with the kids and Ricardo loved it
Fay looking like a Canadian rock star walking with kids to their ceremony
Janice and Chris doing tattoos
Mary E. doing nail painting, she’s planning on opening a nails salon when she’s back. We’re taking appointments already.

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