Para ustedes…

When I first took on the responsibility for the blog, I never imagined how fun it would be. Also I didn’t realize that I would be privileged to reach everyone with what I wanted to say.

Last night during our story time I went first. I tried to keep it to facts and to just one thing, because I didn’t want to cry and also wanted to keep it short. During this trip God answered a prayer I have had for 20 years! So I shared that only.

But there were things I wanted to say to each one, as each person on the team touched my heart one way or another. I also wanted to say how much I loved being able to connect with the moms at the schools and ask them about their lives. Adelita and Silvia kept telling us that it was about showing love, and I think those moms felt loved by everything we did for them and their kids.

As we are about to board our plane, I want to share a bit about each person and their impact in my life. You can go directly to your name if you don’t want to read it all, I do know my posts tend to be long (I tried to do it alphabetically).

  • Chris: Your heart is so kind and you’re so much fun. Loved it when you fist-bumped me after I told you “you should have done it right the first time then” haha. You are awesome!
  • Craig: I’m glad you opened your heart to us after Fay’s question that night. It helped me understand you and now I appreciate your ministry at Southview Kids even more.
  • Don: You asked me the other day “How come I never met you before?” and I kept thinking, how come I haven’t met YOU before?. I feel so honored to have shared a trip with you. And I absolutely love when you speak Spanish, because you do sound like us when you do. Thank you for your stories, seeing your energy is so inspiring!
  • Doug: Your love for Fay is one the most beautiful things I saw on this trip. The way you look at her, the way you care for her and support her. I’m privileged to have gotten to know both of you.
  • Fay: You’re so special to me now. I LOVED working with you with the balloons. The way you take it so seriously and are so organized and so passionate about the kids was so inspiring to me. Thank you for also sharing those lovely stories about your grandkids. You are amazing, I have so much respect and love for you.
  • Karisha: Your love and heart for the kids is so pure. You always smiled at them even when you didn’t understand what they were telling you. I don’t think we’ll ever forget what you did for that kid, thank you.
  • Kyle: I’m going to miss your “Sí”. It will forever be part of the memories of this trip. Thank you for what you do, for taking care of us, for leading us through this time. It was magical seeing your love for the kids as you handed out the boxes, the look in your eyes. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and your family even more (and to practice more Spanish with you).
  • Janice: You are so much fun and I loved seeing you try Spanish every single day. Your passion for the kids, your big smile as you were talking to them and their moms. I also loved getting to know you better and what you do for work.
  • Mary E: I will forever thank you for giving me the opportunity to hug Southview brothers and sisters. Those hugs were so genuine and filled with the love of God. You are so beautiful and I loved getting to know more about you and your beautiful family.
  • Mike: God used you to confirm that Kairos moment I had at church, an answer to a 20-years long prayer. Sorry if I gave you a hard time before coming with all my logistics-related questions. You did an amazing job at preparing us and you focused on what was really important: our spirits, our minds, our hearts. I am looking forward to learning more from you and how God will continue to use you to bless my life.
  • Ricardo: You know this already because I know people have told you how great it was seeing you at work! The way you looked at each kid as if it was your own. I can’t think of a day when I didn’t see you lifting boxes, and you were always there in the front as the gospel was being shared with the kids. Your heart is so loving and I’m happy you are part of our Southview family.
  • Sheila: It was great sharing our stories with you, thank you for listening and being interested in getting to know me and Jesus better. I loved seeing you always so pretty everywhere we went in the middle of the heat and humidity. I’m looking forward to the Saskatoon berries 😉
  • Sheri: Your eyes are so beautiful, and your smile always brightened my days. I loved getting to know you and about your lifetime friendship with Mary E. I also enjoyed so much seeing you and Don with that girl and how happy she was. You poured out your kindness and your heart at every person. I hope I can share more with you in the future.
  • Tara: I was looking forward to sharing more with you after we went together to the OOC warehouse to do the Shoeboxes. Thank you for sharing with me the pictures of your cute cat and your beautiful family. And huge thanks for that shoulder massage that basically saved my life that day!
  • Warren: I never thought you were so much fun! I had seen you at church of course, but never had the chance to really share with you and I’m glad I did now. I hope we get more chances to share our life stories together!
  • Jesus: I saved my favorite for last: I’m so proud of you and I love you more than words can describe. Thank you for the words and encouragement you shared with us everyday. Thank you for believing in me, for supporting me. You are the best life partner I could have ever had! I’m looking forward to all the adventures God has for us in the years to come.

To the Moviendo Esperanzas team: THANK YOU!!!

Adelita: Tiny but Mighty. That’s what it comes to my mind when I think of you. You’re so bubbly and your laugh is so contagious. But above all, your passion for the Lord and for the people is so inspiring. Thank you for taking such good care of us. Tell Fabio that I have seen him just twice in my life and I feel like I have known him for a long time. I wish he could have stayed with us more time.

Silvia: Thank you so much to you and Fernando for being so nice, for taking care of us. Thank you for being so organized and for making sure everything went smoothly. You are incredible!

Thank you Anabel for being with us and for taking care of us with the drinks and the ministries. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I admire the work you do in your ministry. I hope one day I can come back and serve with you on that.

Boarding our plane.
Don Don is such an inspiration. I’ll miss them all.

Comprando café…

Edited: Posted on the 21st but it was meant to be the post for the 20th. I didn’t have internet yesterday 🙁

Today we started our journey back to Liberia and it’s been a more relaxed day. We had breakfast and I was served soft tortillas instead of bread, it means they considered me a local now and I cannot be more pleased with that! The staff at this restaurant were so nice and the owner was always so worried making sure everything was to our liking.

On our way out of Guatuso we stopped at the school for a final goodbye to Elenita. This lovely girl from the church that was everywhere we went, always working hard for the Lord.

Now, on our way to Liberia, we’ve stopped on the side of the road for pictures and to drink coconut water straight from the coconut! And it was the best I had on this whole trip. Thank you, Don Don.

We continue the journey to Cañas where we had lunch: chifrijo. Pastor Jesus requested chicharrón and Adelita always spoiling us, made it happen. We also had an amazing guacamole here and Fay baptized me with tamarind juice, as we all were flying to the other table to get extra chicharrones. No worries Fay 😉

After lunch we rushed to the local store to stock up on coffee to bring back home, real coffee as Adelita would say. Later we stopped for souvenirs and ice cream. The highlight was that Don Don bought ice cream for the team! He has a generous heart and always made sure we were well taken care of.

We ended the day by going to the beach to see the sunset and we were pleasantly surprised with dinner at the restaurant there too. It was a lovely last night in Costa Rica, eating while seeing the sunset by the beach reflecting on this amazing journey.

This trip for me has been life-changing, I know it sounds exaggerated but when God speaks to you, that changes your life. I am sure no one on this team will be the same after this week.

We were lucky to have been part of a dream team! We worked so well together and everything went smoothly. We are now family and some of us are already making plans to get together (and eat, because what else would we do? Kyle I won’t forget about that deep fried turkey offer).

We’ll be home soon and we’re excited to see our families and pets. And Juan I hope you got to that list before Karisha gets home 😉

It’s important to stay hidrated in Costa Rica
Some more greenery for our eyes. I’m sure I’ll be missing this soon.
Elenita saying goodbye to us.
This is where we stopped for pictures and coconut
The staff from the restaurant at our hotel.
*read with zombie voice* Coffeeeee
Just the usual: Guys doing guys stuff
This is how we eat the fruit of the coconut

Último día…

I can’t believe we are on the last day (that’s what “último día” means) of work for this trip. For me, in one hand it seems like the time flew by; but in the other hand it seems like I have been here for a long time. This morning I struggled telling Sheila the names of the departments I work with at my job. Not even a week after I left my office and I forgot already what I do!

I think part of the reason is that I feel like I’m in my element here doing missions. For the past 20 years, everytime I hear about missions or think about missions there is a burning inside of me. Probably is the same for many of us that are here. I’m sure it has to be, because otherwise why would someone take their personal vacation time and personal resources to travel many kilometers away from home just to help others?

There are so many things in my mind right now, and tonight we’ll have a time to share stories. I am so excited to hear what everyone has to say about what God is doing with them, and how they are being touched and transformed with the experience.

We’re back on the bus and as usual I take time to write. We just finished our last distribution event at a small rural school. Schools here have beautiful gardens and are surrounded by amazing landscapes (see the pics below). And once again we get to meet wonderful women that are so passionate about their work at the schools. For sure, these kids lack resources but they do have people that really care for their education. Jesus noticed today one of the schools had nice IT infrastructure, it had been donated by a foundation. And Don noticed the whiteboards had complex math equations. God’s provision for His little ones come from anywhere in any form.

Now we are back at the hotel and we just packed all the ministry supplies left. We’re waiting for dinner time while we unwind a little. I’m talking to Tarah and she just told me how neat was that “the local church was always with us, building relationship… building the Kingdom together.” Our job here is done for now, but the local churches have an immense amount of work to do with discipleship so keep them in your prayers.

Also pray for us as we travel tomorrow back to Liberia for our last full day in Costa Rica, for now.

View from one of the schools
Green area in this same school
At today’s lunch place
The kids about to open the boxes
The Balloon Academy. My boss gave me time off for resting this morning, and she found so many extra helpers! I gotta say, one of my favorite parts of the trip was working with Fay.
I don’t know how they could play soccer in this heat but the kids loved it
I thought it was so cute that Chris and Janice were napping like this

Hace calor…

We’re on the bus just after one of the biggest OCC shoeboxes and Tom shoes distribution we have had so far in this trip. It just stopped raining and everything is wet, hot, extremely green and the sun is shining again.

I just whispered to Jesus that I’m tired. I wanted to take advantage of the longer ride on the bus to start today’s blog, but I couldn’t think of anything. Then I looked out the window trying to soak in as much landscape as I can, and that gave you that first paragraph. I guess I always have things to say after all.

The days are starting to get fuzzy and I had to think really hard what day was today and what we have done so far: Friday when we arrived we just did travelling. Saturday was our first work day when we went to the discipleship class and graduation ceremony. Sunday we went to a local church service and after did the wheelchairs. Monday (yesterday, which seems to me like many days ago) was our first day of shoeboxes distribution, we did one in the morning and Tom’s shoes distribution in the afternoon. And today, again shoes and shoeboxes in the morning and the afternoon.

Each distribution is so different from each other. Some are hectic, specially if we have kids from both shifts (morning and afternoon) and some go easier when they are in very small schools. The kids in general are so polite and we’re also meeting lots of the moms. The teachers are amazing and so invested. It’s such a great experience to be surrounded by all this energy and passion, all driven by the common goal of showing love.

Today is the first day that we get a break before dinner (I told you, they run a tight ship here ;)) and we got to go to the river after our afternoon distribution. We spent more time with the leaders and the pastor from the local church. They are a group of incredibly hardworking and loving people. It was beautiful, and we could relax and also had the opportunity for another group picture. I mean, honestly, look at all these beauties:

Costa Rica 2020 team with the local pastor

We have just three more sleeps before going home and I’m sure all of us will leave a piece of our hearts here in Costa Rica. But we will also bring a piece of Costa Rica with us, with the memories shared with all these wonderful people.

The bus is like our Operations Centre
Where we had lunch today, La Roca
The river as captured by Jesus
Just a bunch of tourists (trying to photograph a Tucán)
My Ladybug faces are getting better.. what do you think?
Tara took this nice picture of us and I thought of sharing it (because that’s the benefit of managing the blog ;))
Silvia, Mary E. and Sheri enjoying nature and I’m sure a good conversation too
Mike volunteered to go and check the water first
Anabel is a missionary from Mexico and lives in Costa Rica. She works with ME too and has been a great addition to the team
Sheila and Janice also enjoyed a time for conversation
Their smiles say it all
Tom shoes distribution
I loved this pic

Shoeboxes day!

I wanted the post titles to be in Spanish but Shoeboxes in Spanish sounds less cool: Caja de Zapatos. See? So, this one is in English.

Adelita shared with us how Moviendo Esperanzas (ME) started and how God first gave her the vision of doing ministry, but she didn’t know exactly what she was supposed to do. The only word He gave her was “Big”. And indeed her ministry is big!

ME was officially registered in 2004 and she invested all the money she had. Some people called her crazy, and she said she was! But her vision went beyond the amount of money she had available, and she asked God to provide for bigger things. It hasn’t been easy but He has always been faithful to His promise to her… There have been so many miracles along the way, like DHL providing free transportation for the containers with the shoeboxes.

Carrying and planting HOPE where only dreams exist” is their slogan. They reach people regardless of their religious beliefs and you have no idea how many lives are changed with the work they do. Check out their website (they have it in English too) to learn more about it. The donations section doesn’t work at the moment but maybe check again at another time if this is something you are interested in.

As the title suggests, we did our first shoebox distribution today and it was such a great experience! I can understand now why people that have done it in the past rave so much about it. It’s so incredible to see the end of the shoeboxes cycle and seeing the face of the kids lit up as they open the box. It’s not all about the material things they get, but about the love of Christ shown to them through it.

You may have noticed that I’m not sharing with you any particular story about the people we meet. I am intentionally keeping that out of the blog because I want to leave that privilege to the team members, to go back home and share these stories with their families. They have worked really hard and have earned this privilege.

Wifi was really bad today and I want to thank Chris for sharing his hotspot with me! (I’m now corrupting other team members to do stuff while we’re at the meetings… But it’s for ministry purposes 😉 )

If you’re reading this and have any question or anything that you’re wondering about, let me know in the comments section below… (wow I’m such an influencer now eh? Don’t forget to like and subscribe :p ).

Adelita’s presentation
Mike improving his nails polishing skills for the ministry with the local English teacher. I think he may be planning on joining Mary E.
Shoeboxes being revealed to the kids
The team working hard organizing the shoeboxes
Special pic for Judy and Mr. Bud
Fay (aka my boss) and my hair doing balloon animals
Don was on probation on our balloon animals team… he didn’t quite make it. We have high standards. Sorry Don, but you can keep trying for next trips.
Nails polishing team does a great job and they have groupies that follow them from event to event
Sheila’s hair was popular today with the kids
Guys doing guys stuffs that I never understand
Craig’s balloon swords are in high demand
We also have games for the kids and they love it
Janice and Ricardo at work
Tara’s face painting skills were in high demand today. I’m not saying multitudes flocked to her but almost…
Karisha’s Dog’s Ministry, because doggies need to be shown the love of Christ too. (Karisha also does bubbles ministry for the kids and she’s highly sought after).

Día de trabajo #2

Today was our second day of actual work, and boy was this hard work! Our leaders really run a tight ship and we don’t have time for playing, we’re serious about our ministries and what we are here to do -and there’s lots to do!

I’m sure I can speak for all when I say we’re tired, but we are equally happy and filled with joy and amazement. We’re busy but this is the good kind of busy, the kind that you want to keep doing.

It rained a lot this morning again, but the rain stops quickly and the sun shines hard again. Then it gets even hotter than it was before because of all the humidity.

Today could be described simply in two parts: we went to church then we did wheelchairs distribution with Moviendo Esperanzas. But there’s nothing simple about either! For some this was the first time experiencing a Latino service and that could be a lot to take in. Not only our services are longer but the way of teaching is different. But regardless we were reminded about the importance of God’s calling to go and make disciples. To tend to the children, the poor, the people in need.

This is the same church that runs the discipleship program that we were part of yesterday, and the same church were we did the wheelchairs distribution today.

Here everyone worked really hard, we were assigned different tasks at different stations: the first thing is unloading the wheelchairs from the truck and putting them together, then comes fitting them for the recipients.

Then me, Mary E. and Sheri would check that the ergonomics were right, we would teach them and their caretakers how to use the chairs and how to care for them. We would also teach them how to check for skin ulcers and how to prevent them. We would go through a very thorough checklist to make sure it was all according to WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

From there they would go to the other stations were they would share their story so it could be recorded. Then they would go to get their picture taken and they’d also receive extra donations like clothes, toys, Tom shoes, and other things. Finally they would go to the prayer team who would pray for them if they wanted.

It was great seeing so many people working together while helping others. But most importantly to see how we were also blessed by them and their stories.

We are right now sitting and sharing these stories and it’s so touching… It really makes all this work so worth it. Someone told me before coming on the trip that doing missions is an honor. And what truly an honor is to be here serving the King of Kings!

This is a restaurant next to the hotel where we’re having most of our meals
Today’s lunch was yummy
Our team unloading the wheelchairs (well they are not really doing anything in the pic, but I promise you they did work at some point)
During the worship at church
Ricardo and Jesus with my new Costa Rican grandma
The team with the pastor and other leaders from the local church
This gentleman, Quincho, is such an inspiration
Doug working hard (like for real)
Tara did my job today because I was busy at another station. But my boss, Fay, said that my job is not in danger, I’ll go back to it tomorrow!
This dad and his son live alone, and his son takes care of him. Their smiles say it all.
Sheila looking gorgeous while she shared a beautiful and funny story about God providing her a “hair clip” in the jungle

Ahora sí, ¡a trabajar!

Time for real work now! Wohohoho.

I’ll start with the end: It was truly an incredible rewarding and fruitful day my friends. There, now you can close the page if you want, or keep reading for some details about what we did today (but I suggest you keep reading, because instead of napping on the bus ride I’m writing for you… and also because it was a really nice day 😉 ).

We started with amazing news, we got the missing bags! And quickly enough our boss Mike put us to work in organizing these as well.

After breakfast we went to a house in the same community that we are at, to participate in the discipleship program for the kids. We sang “alabanzas” with actions (Ricardo’s favorite part, scroll down and you’ll see), we helped the kids with the questions about the lesson and with the crafts for the smaller children. We also had a time for face painting, bubbles, balloons and soccer. Some moms were there too so it made it even more special.

Parenthesis to share this that’s really important: I GOT COCONUT WATER DIRECTLY FROM A YOUNG COCONUT. Wow, this was a dream come true, more than seven years waiting for having this again… I could actually write an entire post about it, but I’ll just end it with: you’re an angel Adelita. GOD BLESS YOU.

After this activity we went quickly to the hotel to get changed into more fancy clothes because we were headed to a graduation ceremony. Kids after finishing their discipleship program which is called “The Greatest Journey”, have an official graduation where they receive a completion certificate and a New Testament. Over 40 children graduated, and they can only graduate if they did the program from start to finish.

This is a new church that just started on the front yard of a house and now they bought their own land and are waiting to build the structure. For now, they rent a huge tent and they currently have over 50 people coming to the services. They have bible classes during the week too, for kids and adults as well.

We participated in the ceremony and then again we had a time for our ministries: face painting, nails painting (Which I heard it can be extremely tiresome), balloons, tattoos, etc. I don’t know exactly for how long we were there but it was so much fun! It’s great to make the kids happy and share with them, but it’s also great that we get to work together while doing so.

After the graduation we went back to the hotel which was about 40min drive, we had a lovely dinner while chatting and getting to know each other (for example I learned that Janice’s work as a lawyer is as cool as Suits!).

As usual, we ended the night with our debriefing meeting and right when Adelita was going to tell us our schedule for tomorrow, it started to pour down so hard that we couldn’t hear anything. So now we don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

P.S.: Don, I prayed harder today and got Jesus to help me proofread the post. Yay!

P.S.2: Most of these pictures were taken by Pastor Jesus. And I’m realizing I think I didn’t give credit to Doug who took all the ones from the very first post I did. Sorry, Doug.

Last P.S.: I figured that it’s way easier to upload pictures while we’re doing our meetings because no one else is using the wifi. So, now I’m *that* person that’s using her phone while the pastor is talking. But I’m paying attention 😉

Sheila is really enjoying this as you can tell
Handing out the certificates
I hooked up Karisha with my coconut provider
Sheri looking lovely and happy as she does face painting
Kids playing I-don’t-know-what game with Jesus (who took the picture)
Discipleship class
Who knew that drawing faces on balloons was my true calling
Singing with the kids and Ricardo loved it
Fay looking like a Canadian rock star walking with kids to their ceremony
Janice and Chris doing tattoos
Mary E. doing nail painting, she’s planning on opening a nails salon when she’s back. We’re taking appointments already.

¡Pura Vida!

We have arrived! And I don’t mean to rub it in you know, but it’s warm and toasty here in Costa Rica with 29C degree weather. It’s dry season and even though Adelita said that in Liberia the landscape wasn’t as green, there was still lots of green! One the best things about mango trees is that they are always green, and there’s lots of mango trees here.

We arrived safely, so thank you for your prayers. We had some technical issues with WestJet’s check-in system last night at Calgary, but it was fixed fairly quick.

The not-so-good news were that three of our humanitarian bags didn’t make it with us. However it seems like they are already in Costa Rica! (Praise The Lord! And please pray that they get delivered to us without any inconveniences).

Now let’s go back to good Costa Rica stories: our hosts are incredibly kind and we feel so blessed and spoiled to be with them. Adelita, Silvia and Fernando received us at the airport with snacks and drinks but most importantly, lots of heart-warming hugs.

After the airport, we picked up two couples from our party that were already here, and then we drove to Cañas to have a delicious Costa Rican breakfast.

From Cañas we started an amazingly scenic drive through the mountains (actually in between two volcanos; Tenorio and Miravalles, if I remember correctly) were we could see Río Celeste and other beautiful streams of water with lots of thick luscious green vegetation. It’s so beautiful and makes you reflect on the power of God and His creation. How wonderful He is!!! He made this beautiful planet for us, so rich, so diverse and so fruitful.

After around three hours we arrived at our hotel and then had lunch, a little bit of rest (like really little, just enough to refresh ourselves) and we had an impromptu second packing party! We packed over 20 more shoeboxes and organized the supplies for the ministries we’ll be doing this next week.

We’re not over with the day yet, we’ll have another quick meeting and dinner and then bed. I took advantage of this moment of quietness -and a free hammock- to sit and write for the blog.

Kyle’s dad kindly drove the three of us to the airport last night, and the last thing he said to me was that he would be looking forward to the posts every day! Geez, talk about pressure. I’ll do my best to keep my promise, Mr. Bud. Kidding, I’m actually thankful to know at least there’s one person reading me 😉

If you’re also reading and want to leave us a message, you can do so by clicking on the post’s title and then scroll down to the comments section below.

Por favor continúen orando por nosotros (Please continue praying for us).

P.S.: Jesus didn’t proofread this for me today, so please forgive my ESL.

P.S.2: I don’t know if I’ll be able to post that many pictures (or any at all), as the WiFi speed is slow here. I may just update the post later to add photos of today.

Updated: I have updated the post with some pictures taken by Jesus (Pastor Jesus is what I mean ;)).

Silvia briefing us for shoeboxes distribution
Costa Rican Breakfast
Arriving at our hotel
Adelita teaching us about Costa Rica
Southview staff working hard
Enjoy the greenery with us through this pic
Our hotel

¡Ha llegado el día!

The day is here! Today is the day we leave for Costa Rica and we could not be more excited about it!

For some of us, this is our first missions trip. I personally have been dreaming about this moment for almost 20 years, when I first heard God’s voice calling me to go and make disciples of all nations. Others in our team are seasoned missionaries, and others are what we commonly refer to as MKs (missionaries’ kids) and have been around and involved in missions most of their lives.

Three of us are native Spanish speakers, and others have learned the really important stuff in Spanish, like: “¿Dónde está el baño?

So far interacting with the team has been an incredible mix of different experiences and we love talking about our lives in other countries and our shared love of juicy mangoes 🙂

As you know, we’ve partnered with Moviendo Esperanzas which is a non-profit organization that seeks resources to help vulnerable and impoverished communities in Costa Rica.

Part of their work is in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse and involves distributing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. They also donate and fit custom wheelchairs to people with disabilities and Tom shoes to children and families in need. We are so excited that we get to participate in all of these things during the seven days will be there.

As we take our almost 7-hours flight to Liberia, I ask you that you continue to pray for our safety, health and the work we’ll be doing.

Gracias por tus oraciones (thank you for your prayers).

P.S.: Jesus kindly proofread this post for me and edited it accordingly.

Pastor Jesus praying for the team
Trying to checking after some hiccups with WestJet kiosks

Costa Rica 2020, ¡aquí vamos!

Hola, mi nombre es Mary S. and I’ll be posting about the 2020 Southview missions trip to Costa Rica.

For the past six months, 17 of us have been preparing and praying for this trip to San Rafael de Guatuso where we will be partnering with a local organization called Moviendo Esperanza (Moving Hope). During this prep time, the missions leadership team -Mike, Kyle and Don- have been equipping us with a series of meaningful teachings about missions and the implications for us as individuals and our family members. They’ve wisely emphasized the do’s and don’ts, how to manage our expectations and understanding and respecting the culture we’ll be in. We haven’t left and it’s been a great experience already!

We also had the opportunity to go as a team with our family members to Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child warehouse, to help organize the shoe boxes this past Christmas. What an incredible experience seeing hundreds of people donate their time and resources to brighten the life of children around the world.

We have 10 more sleeps before we leave on February 13th, and it’s now starting to feel real. We have already packed the donations we’ll  bring with us, and we want to thank you all that have kindly donated from your heart to this noble cause. May the Lord bless you.

As we now start packing for ourselves, we ask you that you keep us in your prayers. Please pray for our safety and that we can remain healthy. Pray that all of our donations arrive safely too. That the Lord may open the ears and hearts of those that don’t know Him, that families can be touched and transformed by the love of Jesus Christ through us.

Stay tuned for more posts (and probably some Spanish lessons ;)).

¡Que Dios los bendiga!


Equipping sessions
Equipping sessions
Pastoral motivation
Learning to trust each other
At Samaritan’s Purse OCC Warehouse
Movie night fundraising
Movie night fundraising
Silent Auction with Moviendo Esperanza’s team

Packing party
All packed up